A rare herb known for its ability to cure various types of poisons.

He is known as the First God or the God of Life. According to legend, he is the god who created the world.

A Flower with an addictive scent. The liquid inside the blooms of the flower causes intense stomach pain.

A stone that can sustain flames much hotter than usual. This stone is the only one capable of generating the heat required to forge a weapon from Aznarin, and it can only be found in the Mountains of the Forgotten World.

The highest officer in every region of Knightdorn. This title ceased to exist for years after the treason of the Lord of the Knights of Isisdor against King Thomas Egercoll.

The personal guard of Elmor’s ruler.

Secret group of knights who try to overthrow the Emperor of Kerth.

A stone that can only be found in Wirksworth’s mines. It is white in colour and resembles pearl. It is considered one of the strongest stones in the world.

A being that existed centuries ago but has since disappeared from the world. Pegasi were always loyal to the people of the House of Egercoll. According to legend, pegasi bestowed unique powers upon their riders.

A winged creature with thorns in its body that contain Oryn Shadow. Wyverns have always been the most loyal companions of giants.

A rare white tiger that can be found in the northern part of Knightdorn. The tigers of the north carry Oryn Shadow in their teeth. Today, there are not many of them left in the world.

The strongest poison in the world. It causes intolerable pain, rendering the victim unable to move. According to legend, Oryn Shadow is one of the dark forces that Zhilor infused into the world.

The strongest metal in the world. It has the ability to absorb and emit the Light of Life that resides in the elwyn and elves.

The flower of Myr contains the only antidote to Orhyn Shadow, known as Drowning Poison. If liquid from the Myr flower is found in a human body soaked with Orhyn Shadow, the body will be healed. However, if the body is free of poison, it will suffer the torment of choking with drops of Myr in its veins. Additionally, the thorns in the Myr’s stem contain the antidote to its own poison.

Type of tree that grows in the Mountains of Darkness. The Night Trees have sharp branches and trunks imbued with Orhyn Shadow.

Nickname for the people of Elmor who are famous for their knowledge about poisons.

An elite group of soldiers under Walter Thorn’s command. Ghost Soldiers are some of the most skillful soldiers in the world.

It’s comprised of the three most powerful and trusted Ghosts.

According to legend, the Rider of Fate is the one who will awaken Thindor’s power, the last pegasus of the world. Many believe that this is only a myth and Thindor is dead, while others are sure that the last pegasus is alive and waiting for the Rider of Fate to appear in the world.

Nickname for Vylor’s men. The men of Vylor are called Mercenaries because they ally with other armies only for gold.

A poison that provides a serene death without inflicting any pain.

Oath amongst the regions of the south and Stonegate Castle. According to that oath, Elirehar and Elmor—together with the castle of Stonegate—would always be united against any enemy of the southerners.

Nickname for the houses of Asselin and Karford. Those houses were fighting each other through history. Old texts attested to the fact that the Asselins and Karfords came from the same house, the House of Colsmith. Legend has it that this was one of the greatest houses in the west, left without male offspring over the centuries.

Nickname for the first men of Tahryn.

Designation for the first nine kings of the humans who arrived in Knightdorn and created the nine kingdoms.

This title was given to George Thorn when he became the first king of the united Kingdom of Knightdorn.

They consist of giants, elwyn, and elves. According to legend, an ancient curse imprisoned them in the Mountains of the Forgotten World.

The most powerful swords ever made. Elwyn and the elves promised these weapons to the seven riders of the Egercolls. These swords were forged from Aznarin, and their blades were soaked with the blood of the pegasi. The seventh sword, the Sword of Light, is the only one that was forged by the tears of Thindor instead of his blood.

Honorary title for the greatest drillmaster in every region of Knightdorn. The Grand Masters trained only one warrior at a time and held immense prestige within the kingdom.

The title of the Ruler of Ylinor.

The homeland of the centaurs. According to legend, Moonland is drenched with powerful magic. Only the Egercolls or humans with pure intentions can find this place.

A place in Gaeldeath. All the lands of Gaeldeath northern from Tyverdawn belong to the North beyond the North. Giants and wyverns used to live in this area of Knightdorn.

He is known as the God of Death and he’s Azelor’s younger brother. According to legend he tries to conquer the world his brother created.

A poison that induces the sensation of drowning by causing blood to flow in the human throat, ultimately leading to death.

A secret path that leads to the homeland of the centaurs.

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