Long Arm John

John, a former bounty hunter, and pirate, has chosen to spend the twilight of his life in Iovbridge. Nowadays, he prefers to pass his time by indulging in wine and the company of women.

John despises the idea of swearing oaths of loyalty to any ruler. This stems from his desire to avoid sacrificing his life for someone else’s foolishness. He firmly believes that those who attempt to change the world are fools, and his favorite saying is, ‘No one can protect anyone.’

Despite his reputation as a drinker, John possesses a wealth of knowledge about the kingdom, its regions, and its traditions. Furthermore, he displays a rare quality: respect for all races in the world, a trait sadly overlooked by most humans.


Elliot, an orphan boy, spent his childhood in the small village of Isisdor. Tragedy struck early in his life when his parents passed away. He was raised by his Master, the only family he ever knew, who imparted a wealth of knowledge to him. Elliot’s skill with a sword is remarkable, a testament to the training that prepared him to become a knight of Knightdorn.

He also has a strong desire to save the world from a tyrant named Walter Thorn, the man who killed his parents. Elliot is known for his courage and loyalty. Nevertheless, his occasional arrogance can lead him astray, resulting in regrettable decisions.

Velhisya Endor

Velhisya Endor is the niece of Elmor’s Governor. She is the only being born to a human father and an Elwyn mother, both of whom have died. Her upbringing was entrusted to her aunt in Wirskworth.

Velhisya possesses captivating beauty, yet her existence is overshadowed by the rumors surrounding the Elwyn race’s destiny. According to legend, the Elwyn are cursed to remain forever in the Mountains of the Forgotten World due to some old sins. Humans regard Velhisya with suspicion, viewing her as a harbinger of ill fortune. Were it not for her Endor lineage, she would likely endure discrimination in the human world.

Since her childhood, she has diligently sought to unlock the mysteries of her potential Elwyn powers, but this enigma remains unsolved.

Other Characters

AdorDeceased. Anrai’s father.

Adur – A giant.

Ager BarlowDeceased. Former King of Tahryn.

Aghyr BarlowDeceased. Former Governor of Tahryn.

Aiora – A giantess.

Alan BallardDeceased. Borin Ballard’s son.

Alaric – An elf.

Albous Egercoll – Manhon Egercoll’s brother.

Aldus Morell – A lord of Gaeldeath.

Aleron – One of the wisest people of the Elwyn race.

Alice AsselinDeceased. Aymer Asselin’s daughter and King Thomas Egercoll’s wife.

Althalos Baudry – Former Grand Master of Isisdor. He is considered the greatest Grand Master to have ever lived.

Alysia – An elf. She is the partner of Alaric.

Amelia ReisDeceased. Lady of Elmor and Sigor Endor’s wife.

Andrian – High Priest and Governor of Felador.

Annora Egercoll – Manhon Egercoll’s sister.

Annys – Walter’s tiger.

Anrai – Member of the Trinity of Death. His father was a giant and his mother a human.

Anton Loken -Captain of Ballar.

Aremor Deceased. Aleron’s brother.

Areos Deceased. A former leader of the centaurs. He helped Manhon Egercoll to curse the Elder Races.

Arianna ErilorDeceased. John Egercoll’s wife.

Arne Egercoll – Manhon Egercoll’s brother.

Aron – Stonegate’s Guardian.

Arthur EndorDeceased. Syrella Endor’s brother and Velhisya’s father.

Avery ElfordDeceased. First King of Mynlands.

Aymer AsselinDeceased. Former Governor of Oldlands who was found murdered in his sleep.

Azelor – The God of Light.

Beatrice EgercollDeceased. Thomas Egercoll’s sister and Queen Sophie’s mother.

Begon the Brave – Leader of the Ice Islands.

Bernal Ballard Deceased. First King of Ballar.

Bert Dilerion – A lord from Felador. Eleanor’s brother.

Berta Loers – Ghost Soldier. She is one of the most trusted soldiers of Walter Thorn.

Borin Ballard – Governor of Ballar.

Brian the Sadist – Member of the Trinity of Death.

Brom EndorDeceased. Lord of Elmor and Syrella Endor’s uncle.

Byron the SturdyDeceased. Great warrior of the Ice Islands.

Conrad Miller – A lord of Felador.

Daryn Endark – Lord Counsellor of Elmor.

Devan – Captain of Oldlands.

Doran BrauDeceased. Peter Brau’s son.

Edgar Deceased. A former High Priest of Elmor.

Edmund – High Priest of Elmor.

Edric Egercoll – Manhon Egercoll’s brother.

Edward EndorDeceased. Former Governor of Elmor and father to Syrella, Sigor, and Arthur Endor.

Edward Ewing – Man of Isisdor’s City Guard.

Egil – A soldier of Gaeldeath.

Egon – A man of the Sharp Swords.

Eimon Asselin – Lord of Oldlands, Aymer Asselin’s son and Alice Asselin’s brother.

Eira Egercoll – Manhon Egercoll’s sister.

Eleanor Dilerion – A lady of Felador. Bert Dilerion’s sister. She is one of the most trusted friends of Elliot.

Ellin – Velhisya’s mother.

Emery – Captain of Ballar.

Emil – A soldier of Gaeldeath.

Emil Ballard Deceased. Borin Ballard’s son.

Emma EgercollDeceased. Thomas Egercoll’s sister, Robert Thorn’s wife, and Walter Thorn’s mother.

EmyDeceased. Anrai’s mother.

Eric Stone – Governor of Tahryn.

Erin – An elwyn.

Erneas Deceased. Former Grand Master of Gaeldeath.

EshinaDeceased. Erin’s soulmate.

Euneas MolorDeceased. Former Grand Master of Felador.

Euric – A guard of Goldtown.

Favian EgercollDeceased. Thomas Egercoll’s brother.

Frederic Abbot – Captain of Isisdor.

George Thorn Deceased. First King of Knightdorn and Walter’s grandfather.

Gerald ThornDeceased. Uncle to George Thorn and former Lord of Ylinor.

Gereon Thorn – Lord of Ylinor. Robert Thorn’s brother and Walter’s uncle.

Gervin Gerber – Royal Guard of Isisdor.

Girard Deceased. Former Grand Master of Oldlands.

Giren Barlow – Slave. Aghyr Barlow’s son.

Gregory Egercoll Deceased. Thomas Egercoll’s brother.

Gregory Mollet – Lord Counsellor of Isisdor.

Grelnor Lengyr – Lord Counsellor of Elmor.

Hann Deceased. Former Grand Master of Mynlands.

Henry DelamereDeceased. Former Governor of Felador and Sophie’s father.

Henry EndorDeceased. Sigor Endor’s son.

Hereweald DelamereDeceased. Former Governor of Felador and Henry Delameres’s father.

Hugh – Captain of Isisdor.

Hurwig – Elliot’s hawk.

Iren SelinDeceased. Wife of George Thorn.

Iris Alarie – A lady of Felador.

Ivar – A soldier of Wirskworth.

Jackin DilerionDeceased. Eleanor’s father.

Jacob Hewdar – Lord of Elmor.

Jahon – General of Elmor. Secret lover of Syrella Endor.

James SegarDeceased. Captain of Iovbridge.

Jarin – Guardian of Stonegate.

Jeanne Karford – Cousin of Reynald and Ricard Karford.

John EgercollDeceased. Former Governor of Elirehar. Father to Thomas, Favian, Beatrice, Emma and Gregory Egercoll.

Lain HaleDeceased. Former Governor of Vylor and Liher’s older brother.

Launus Eymor – Governor of Mynlands.

Laurana Brau – Lady of Isisdor. Peter Brau’s wife.

Laurent MillDeceased. Lord of Oldlands. He died when Lain Hale attacked to his castle.

Leghor – Leader of the centaurs.

Leonhard Payne – Healer of Felador.

Leuric – High Priest of Iovbridge.

Liher Hale – Governor of Vylor.

Linaria Endor – Captain of Elmor and Syrella Endor’s daughter.

Loren ElfordDeceased. Former Governor of Mynlands.

Lothar Hale – Liher Hale’s younger brother.

Magor the Terrible – Former leader of the giants. He is presumed dead.

Manhon Egercoll – King of Elirehar and brother to Thomyn Egercoll. He was one of the seven riders of the pegasi.

Maris MagonDeceased. Lord of the Knights and Regent of Elirehar. He served as a regent of Elirehar by the time that Thomas Egercoll became king, and he kept his title after Thomas’s death.

Maygar AsselinDeceased. Former King of Oldlands.

MehrynDeceased. Former Grand Master of Elmor.

Mengon BarlowDeceased. First King of Tahryn.

Merhya Endor – Captain of Elmor and Syrella Endor’s daughter.

Merick – Captain of Isisdor.

Morys Bardolf – A lord from Wirskworth.

Myren Endor – First King of Elmor.

Odin Mud – Emperor of Kerth.

Orella Deceased. Anrai’s grandmother

Patrick Degore – Lord Counsellor of Isisdor.

Peter Brau – Lord of the Knights of Isisdor.

Philip Segar – Peter Brau’s squire and James Segar’s son.

Raff – A captain from the Ice Islands.

Renier Torin – Deceased. Former Grand Master of Ballar.

ReynaDeceased. Morys’s sister.

Reynald Karford – Guardian Commander of Stonegate.

Ricard Karford – Governor of Oldlands.

Richard Lamont – Captain of Isisdor. George Thorn made him captain when he resolved a siege by Lain Hale against the castle of Laurent Mill.

Righor – A centaur.

Robert ThornDeceased. Former Governor of Gaeldeath. Father to Walter Thorn and husband to Emma Egercoll.

Robyn – Captain of Isisdor.

Rolf Breandan – Member of the Trinity of Death. He is known as Short Death.

Ronald – A guard of Aquarine.

Sadon Burns – Most powerful lord of Elmor.

Saron Gray – Lord of Gaeldeath.

Selwyn Brau – Lord of Isisdor and Peter Brau’s son.

Selyn – A lady of Elirehar.

Sermor BurnsDeceased. Sadon Burns’ only son.

Shilor Penn – Lord Counsellor of Elmor.

Sigor EndorDeceased. Syrella Endor’s older brother.

Sindel BrauDeceased. Peter Brau’s son.

Solor Balkwall – A lord of Felador.

Sophie Delamere – Queen of Knightdorn.

Sygar Reis – Lord Counsellor of Elmor.

Syrella Endor – Governor of Elmor.

Thindor – The last pegasus of the world. He is presumed dead.

Thomas EgercollDeceased. Former King of Knightdorn and Alice Asselin’s husband.

Thomyn Egercoll – First King of Elirehar. He was one of the seven riders of the pegasi.

Thorold – Grand Master of Elirehar. He is presumed dead.

Vyresar Tobley – Guard of the City of Heavens.

Walter Thorn – Governor of Gaeldeath who wants to conquer the Kingdom of Knightdorn.

Will – Captain of Ballar.

William – A Defender of the Sharp Swords.

William OsgarDeceased. Lord of the Knights.

WymondDeceased. Former Grand Master of Tahryn.

Zehir – A centaur.

Zhilor – The God of Death.

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